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Vocal Coaching Professional

I am a graduate of the A.R.T. at Harvard University, and have been working as a certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®  since 2005. From presentation skills to breathing and speech techniques to video game direction, I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their professional and personal voice-related goals.  I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you. You can learn more about me at

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Vocal Health, Presentation Skills, Voice-Over, Voice-Over Direction, and Accent/Dialect Coaching

A Holistic Approach to Voice Training

Using an array of gentle techniques, I will provide you with powerful communication tools you can use not only for a single recording session or event, but for a lifetime.  Contact me regarding 1-on-1 consultations, group classes, or workshops.

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Wow! Your instruction in the public speaking workshop this weekend was nothing short of glorious. Your poise, generosity, and finesse as a teacher almost mask the truly formidable depth and breadth of your expertise. It is a rare privilege to learn from you.

You really made eight lives better this weekend by augmenting our toolkits for meaningful connection with others. The training you provided is relevant, practical, and powerful. I will use [the] exercise[s] for the rest of my life.

Thank you so damned much for your work with us and for the thousands of hours you have devoted to expanding and honing your own catalog of crafts. Your loving effort reverberates through your students, clients, colleagues, and audiences, making the world better than before.  - Liam L. 

Gin is a talented trainer with the ability to distill a stellar performance down to its critical elements in order to teach it effectively. ... I would hire Gin again for workshops involving presentation, performance, and storytelling. It’s the storytelling that often amplifies the message beyond the typical corporate PowerPoint deck, and Gin has the tools to make her students into dynamic presenters whether on stage or in the studio. - Renee W.,  Senior Content Publishing Manager at Microsoft

Thank you so much for putting this [public speaking] course together.  It was very informative and engaging.  There was also great participation and dynamic energy among those who attended.  It was awesome, We went home on a high! - IRG Physical Therapy Team

I learned more with you in the first two hours than I did at another two-week class I took at a nearby community college!  Your class was practical, inspiring, challenging, interesting, helpful and most of all, extremely enjoyable.  You certainly have an excellent knowledge of your craft.  Thank you for sharing it all with us.  -Ingrid D.

I so valued the classes, including all of the fascinating social science-related content.  There is so much specific and general information I can apply when I need to speak or present in the future!  You are a fabulous instructor.  Thank you.  - Abigail A.

I can't imagine having come across a better intro to the world of voice-over. Fun, informative, and in-depth.  Gin has a passion for cultivating voices and it shows in every class, every experience. -Dalin C.

Post Human W.A.R., the new tactical strategy game from Studio Chahut has ...a funny, over-the-top story, as well as incredibly thorough voice-acting and animation, the game is as captivating as it is challenging for gamers of every level.  The game is so well polished you won't believe it's an indie title! -  (Voice Direction - Gin Hammond)

I still use the VO reel we worked on together.  It has given me work and helped for people in the industry to take me seriously.  Love it!  

-- Riley Shannahan, Robotman in the DC Comics series, Doom Patrol

Trustworthiness that is a standout in this industry of 'Get Rich Quick' schemes and endless workshops filled with brittle content. With Gin's deep well of dialect knowledge and oh-so-friendly coaching mic-side manner, I've a level of confidence in my burgeoning career that would be notably bereft without her. - Adam K.

Gin provided a balanced approach to dialect, with an emphasis on physiology - how to hold one's tongue, lips, soft palate to create one type of dialect compared with another. She talked about pace, air pressure, volume of sound. She also provided some specific regional examples to match each set of external, physical choices, and provided internet resources to help actors research any specific dialect they may need in the future.  Gin also provided some information about how to protect one's vocal chords while doing dialect and other character voice work.  Several students stayed late, peppering her with more questions and more requests for resources. This was a really good one. - Steven Sterne - Teaching Artist and Board Member, Seattle Public Theater

I find the organic way in which you've held the class has worked wonderfully.  I am already seeing a drastic shift in my awareness of sounds and accents. - Michelle P.

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Dr. Susan L. Taylor

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“Don't sweat where you are right now. 

Step forth and the way will open wide.”

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